December 27, 2010


In Term VI, God is back.

He reads out a line from the Gospel projected on the screen. And then He looks at the class for eternity. With the same pout of His lower lip. What might God be thinking at those times? He runs His eyes across the class of MBAs-to-graduate-in-March and MBAs-already-placed-and-not-placed-yet-in-these-early-(preplacement)-days. All of them opted for this Gospel for the same reason- to chill out; placements to be done soon and last term; no mood to study; only one place to go- God's sharan mein.

As the sermon progresses, everyone is waiting for those ten minutes. Those ten minutes. When God would go outside the class. Most say He goes for a smoke. To the bathroom. Maybe. Or maybe He goes to rejuvenate His powers.

Yes, He is concerned whether we are getting a 'feel' for what the Gospel is all about. He sometimes closes His eyes for some brief moments when He looks at us. Like being in the peace of Sleep. Irrespective of God's sermon, MBAs-to-be are busy making the least noise while they turn the newspaper's page. Some are closing their eyes- sitting sleeping MBAs-to-be. Some are reading other Gospels. And some are awed by God's presence- they look at Him, not the Gospel on screen; inspite of being at their sleepiest best. Or they alternate between sleep and consciousness. Like God alternates between reading His Gospel and watching the class for an eternity with the symbolic pout on His lower lip.

God runs His eyes over the class again.

Sermon delivered. Benevolence showered.

What would we ever do without God??


  1. wowww true depiction of MBAs..."MBAs-to-be are busy making the least noise while they turn the newspaper's page" ha ha ha

  2. U remind me of the good ol' times :)


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