December 17, 2010

Missing you

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I wanted to reach out,
To touch his heart,
To wipe his tears,
As he cried in the moonlight.

I wanted to hug him,
To give him all he wanted,
To fulfil all his dreams,
That he had ever seen.

I wanted to cry,
Sitting by his side,
While he caught my tears,
And made me laugh.

I wanted to see the clouds,
And conjure up funny images for him,
I wanted to see him smile,
Child-like; Shyly ; after that.

I wanted to laugh with him,
To play hide n seek in the dark,
I wanted to walk down the road,
And beside me he would walk.

I wanted to visit new places,
With my hands curled around him,
I wanted to make food for him,
To fill his stomach and heart.

I wanted to give all the love,
All the care in the world for him,
I wanted to hold him so close,
And never ever leave his hand.

I wanted to make a castle with sand,
And make rooms in it,
I wanted to stay there with him,
Till eternity lasts.....


  1. We see dreams for a lifetime, and only some find their way out of the labyrinths of our mind to see the light of the day...the others we just secure there with no Perseus to come and reclaim those from the darkness, but we plod on thinking about what might have been...if it were not for realities of a society that may seem harsh to us in the present situation, but who knows, could even be a blessing in disguise. So regret not, and let the tide of time take you wherever it pleases, 'coz it gurantees you a ride that would be fun no matter what.
    Another touching, lyrical poem that aptly captures the tragedy of love that could not blossom because of practical conditions.

  2. nice thoughts Asiman. :) thanks fr ur wrds. dey r valuable.:)

  3. if you'd hv been here now after reading this, I'd have proposed you right now... Superbly expressed!

  4. thanks Pranav! :P i blushed fr a split second! :P

  5. is there some1..if he could read this I doubt he could resist to return to u...:)
    Nice lines...!

  6. Speechless...

  7. The lines are free flowing.... meaningful
    just what a poem needs

    1. Thanks so much Rajee! Welcome to my blog! I'll look forward to your insightful comments in my future posts too! :)

  8. Beautiful expression of love lost. Kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahaan nahin milta... kabhi zameen to kabhi aasma nahi milta... :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Dr.Gauri! I welcome U to my blog! And those are indeed b'ful lines! :)

  9. The person I wanted to walk with, Walked away from me. :D

  10. hmmm....& u seem so happy abt it Gaurav! :P :D

  11. Simple yet powerful words. :)
    Nice work , Amrita! :) :)

  12. Good to know a fellow blogger from Bhubaneswar. Wonderful poetry.

  13. Thanks Anupam! Gud to know U too!


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