October 2, 2012

Power of Sunshine

Sunshine, rain and thunder,
All at the same time.

The sun takes away,
The Thunder of thunder;
Making it cause,
No crackling fear,
In the listener.

'Coz sunshine is merry, bright.

Nothing stands in its way,
Of spreading cheer,
And Reassurance about Life.......


  1. I tend to disagree...the hard sun is always harsh. But maybe if we see it against the context of the pall of gloom and doom cast by dark brown clouds and imminent thunderstorm that is where the a beam of sunlight slipping in through a gap in the canopy serves to make things brighter. But for someone who has been sunbaked already, the less the sun he has to see, the brighter his mood is. Anyway, well-written as usual. :)

  2. :)...ahaa...u sound sun-baked...:P..thanks Asiman fr ur valuable comment! :D


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