October 2, 2012

Question Marks

Are you tired,
Of my question marks?
You feel I ask,
Too much?

Don't you understand?
That questions are instruments,
To make you think deeper?

The key to all learning?
The avenue to discover yourself , 
And your world?

There now-
Caught you,
Thinking so much more......:)


  1. That's an interesting piece. Without question marks, there is no investigation, there is no exploration, there is no discovery, there is no realization, either of the self or of human beings or of humanity or of the world...which is why questions are an integral and non-negotiable part of our existence. Why, even our future existence in this sphere of the universe depends upon our inquisitiveness and the ability to ask questions. Another wonderful poem! :)

  2. Very rightly said Asiman...:)...Gr8 minds think alike aftr all! ;)Thanks so mch!


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