February 23, 2014

#ConditionSeriousHai :: The Case of the Bespactacled *MBA* & IAS Aspirant

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A lady who had passed from the  institute so *daring*!
Trained under 'Chotiwaaley Baba', she was an *MBA* high-flying!
There she got the gold medal of the topper,
And now wants to become a *daring* IAS officer!

White skin color like a frozen rose,
Thorny in her every encounter and approach!
So rude and never a smile,
Even if many smiled at her a couple of times!
With care she is left and picked up daily,
A frigid air ; Madam-Know-It-All types!

Initially guys drooled over her,
Yet arrogance cost her all her fans!

Looks down upon all,
Thinks only she knows fluent English!
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Argues with the teacher,
At the drop of a hat!

She writes non-stop like an express train!
Even to congratulate success she feels envious pain!
All are afraid to ask for her well-written notebook,
As she can freeze you dead with her icy look!
Big spectacles over her smooth thorny face,
The #Serious look is there in any case!

No picnics, no joining in gatherings,
Friends with only one other know-it-all!
She doesn't laugh- she jeers,
Seems in life she's left with no real cheer!

Iski toh #ConditionSeriousHai!
Someone needs to explain to her and say-
Chance is less for Frozen personalities,
To occupy positions in India's Premier Services!
That it's not enough to just mug up & learn & look down!
That it's important to smile :) rather than frown :X!

That life is more than books and newspaper information,
It's also about Cadbury 5 Stars, happiness, jokes and  fun!

**This post is my entry for #ConditionSeriousHai Contest organised by IndiBlogger and Cadbury 5 Star. Refer to: the Cadbury 5 Star Facebook page

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  1. Yes, we need some cheerful IAS officers. Hope she becomes one!! All the best Amrita :)

  2. Nice one, Amrita :)
    I know some people, who are of this kind! Even the Hindi-movie- YJHD had Deepika in a serious "Topper" role!
    Nicely expressed. may we have more officers who are serious of our country's progress :)
    All the best for the contest :)

    1. Thanks so much Anita! :D Of course ppl lik her wd b 'serious' abt country's progress but 2 get along everybody in that progress path requires a cheerful & open-minded disposition! :)

      Even your post is way too gud! All d best 2 U too!:)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot Rajrupa! I welcome U to my blog & hope U keep comin back 2 read n comment on my posts! :D

  4. Great post Amrita, you and Anita are really giving competition to each other. Do keep it up :)

    1. Thanks so much Alok! Noooo...der r way too many competitors! :P Unki condition 'serious' hai! :D

  5. Really a nice post..All the best with the contest :-)

  6. Nice post. All the best.
    Cant stop laughing thinking of think tanker MBA Guru!!

    1. Thanks a lot Krishna! :D Yes the 'Chotiwaaley Baba' counted his chickens b4 dey hatched & got www.iipm-fraud.com/ in return! :P

  7. Really nice post. Enjoyed it :) :D

  8. This was the most creative entry I have read for this contest so far! :)

    All the best!

    1. Hey thanks soooo mch Soumya! And that was the most encouraging compliment I've received so far! :D
      All d best 2 u too! :)

  9. By god, we could all do with some "not-so-serious" IAS and Govt officers :) Good luck for the contest!

    1. Hey thanks a lot! :D Ha ha- either we hav "not-at-all-serious" or "fully-serious" officers! :P

      All d best 2 u too! :)

  10. very well said...I always feel they r a big fool coz they don evem know wat frens n frenship means leave aside big things in lifw!

    all thw best

    1. Thanks a lot Swarnpriya! :D Ya it's true dat sch ppl miss out on the small happy moments of life wen we share n care as frends!

      All d best 2 U too! :)

  11. Hahah!! Even though you've written this post in a funny manner, there hides a few vivid realizations to be known behind it. All the best for the contest. :)

    - Rahul

    1. Thanks so much Rahul! :) Ya U are right that for one who chooses to ponder a bit will realise a lot of things! :)

      All d best to U too for the contest! :D

  12. Now that was one hell of a creative entry for the contest Amrita.:D
    Loved it! :)
    All the very best! :)

  13. Thanks a lot Nikhil! :D Really overjoyed! :)
    All d best 2 U too! :D


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