February 17, 2014

Recognising Beauty

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Her eyes shine,
With a glint of hope,
A glint of happiness,
A glint of sweetness.

She has no despair,
No hint of sorrow.
She is free from pain,
Liberated from worldly bonds.

Attached to none,
She has a lot more fun.
Cordial to all,
Meaning no harm.

She lives and lets live,
She receives love and also gives...

She is not beautiful for most,
'Coz recognising beauty is unknown to most...

They think a pretty face with luscious curves,
Is all that soothes their throbbing nerves...

Alas! Beauty is much more than that,
To be beautiful, is to be beautiful from heart.......

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  1. I tried posting a comment earlier - not sure it went through.

    Good theme - soulful. I second you on that.

  2. Very true.. It is like pencil.. the graphite inside matters the most..!!

  3. Awww thats a very beautiful poem Amrita! Keep it up..it was fluid and beautiful.


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