December 25, 2006


While overwhelming when it comes,
Momentary only it is........
Wraps the senses with exceeding pleasure,
Desire....that is.

Just giving in,
Without a fight;
No fun without
The battle of mental might.

That sweet victory of resistance,
After a viciously fought battle,
Is what truly is
The purity and charm,
Of virginity....

Losing it just like that,
To the typhoon of lust,
Is a loss most sour,
Is utter disgrace......

Higher than this high
Is the highest high
Of victory
After resistance.....

Of patience,
Till you get,
Your perfect someone....
Your soulmate.......


  1. Amrita, an extremely good thought, especially about the fleeting nature of desire. You are right when you say that it is better to resist and the pleasure of that victory is much greater. You might end up regretting your decision.

    There's one thing that I'd like to say, though. Why do you link virginity to purity, and why is losing it "utter disgrace". To go ahead or not is a matter of personal choice, but attaching a moral obligation on it has always seemed unfair to me. The society does it because it has to function at various levels and sustain itself as a cohesive unit, but to see oneself as pure or impure on such a basis, to me, is ridiculous.

    I'm sorry if I don't sound correct, but I got this feeling reading through this, and I had to say it. But I totally get the emotions behind your thought, and I respect them. They are truly pure.

  2. yo man swetank!

    i respect ur view.
    u r very correct.
    i've nt really attached a stigma 2 dose who lose deir virginity. it's personal choice aftr all! & newez.....dese things r nt written on d face...right?! lik one of my fav seniors used 2 say!!:)

    i salute ur opinion. dis i've xpressed my view.
    & i absolutely respect wat oders also hav 2 say....:)

  3. nice one sweetheart ..... well can be used for most situations of life but i am fitting it into THAT situation .... and this is sweet and sexy .... more sexy than it seems to be sweet .... i loved it more than i should have .. believe me that resistance u are talking about would turn on the battle more ... well from my point of view ....

    and who will lose ... depends on the persons resisting and the person trying to pacify the resistance ... there are much more aftermath of battle wheather won or lost ...

    anyways i loved it .. just loved it

  4. hello amrita,
    nice one i must say..

    1. Hey thanks so much! Been long since U visited my blog! U must do so soon! :D

  5. well i guess fighting for virginity is a FIGHT WITHIN ONESELF rather than someone else....and to tell u the truth these fights (within oneself0 are the hardest battles one faces in life....i guess the word "virginity" is trascended to a lot of meanings n draws parallels with a lot of other stuff.

    for tht matter who decides wat LUST really is ?.....all indulge in sum kinda vice in life....MONEY,NAME,FAME,SEX,REPUTATIONevn FOOD is indulgence isnt it ? all r different forms of lust right ?

    1. Completely agree with U! :D Missing your excellent views on my blog! Do visit it soon! :)

  6. Very nicely written... Loved it :)

  7. Thanks a lot Nabanita! :D Delighted dat U read my post and commented too...plz do com more often! :)

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot Rajesh! Welcome to my blog! Hope U visit more often and read my posts & share ur views! :D

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot Gaurishankar! Welcome to my blog! I hope you visit here more often to read and post your comments...!


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