December 15, 2006

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I haven't given love. So how will I receive it?
I haven't been a friend. So how will one befriend me?
I haven't been good. So how will others be good to me?
Let me be the source first.
Becoming a destination depends on,
How good a source I have been.

Have I been like the Sun,
And helped life fluorish?

Have I been like the soil,
And nourished the plants above me?

Have I been like the air,
And supplied life-giving oxygen to all?

Have I been like the water,
And flowed through everybody, and quenched their thirst?

No, I have not constantly been so.

But the few moments I have been so,
I have been the happiest human being.......:)


  1. hmmmm ... nice ... Being a human it is the best to lead ur life absolutely ... and as plainly as possible .. w/o any diplomacy or compromise .... but how far we can go?? thats a question that has bugged me several times .. peoles who think like U are called unpracticals ... but this what we should practice ... ur poem as usual nice .. and has energy ... i like that ... and also i liked the concept of Questioning self .. :)

    nice work :)

    1. Thanks Ashona111....missing your insightful comments...

  2. nice thgts...wid an altruistic motive...makes me scratch ma head for some incidents....real good insight....great..simply good!!!

  3. Hey :) I found another Gyan-creature alive on blogging world... I am not alone :) Just kidding. Wise words expressed so simple. There is a saying, "you correct yourself, the world will correct itself automatically", so it's always inside-out as you explained in every line.

    As one person commented above, world may call Gyan-creatures Impractical ones, but be like that. Impracticals' are original piece of humans; rare beings to stick to principles :) Keep writing.. I Will come back too read more here...

    1. wow...thanks so mch Propelsteps! 1 of those rare times that someone has written such a long meaningful comment for me! This is really encouraging.....thanks...:)

  4. Good One and powerful , Amrita. Soul searching and Introspection - while they help to be a better individual, at times, second guessing your own self pull you behind :-(.

    1. True Jayanta. Thanks a lot for your comment! I believe completely in the positive aspect of soul searching!!

  5. May we all be the happiest human beings! Lovely poem :)

  6. the knack of finding positives is a commendable virtue.

  7. Happy to read!

    You sure asked some very tough questions! Questions we all know the answers of, but do not have the courage to reply.

    You composed your thoughts nicely!

  8. Awesome di :) :) So simple yet very meaningful

  9. Souls like you keep the world going, while others fall by the wayside... Been a long time, buddy!

    1. Yes Pranav been toooooo looong! I've been lookin for U ....glad U came...hope U continue to read my posts regularly n keep in touch!


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