December 24, 2006

The warmth & the light

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The wintry night warmed my hands,
And left me alone to muse.
I loved the sheer tenderness,
That this chilly night had bestowed.

Perhaps it was the warmth within me,
Deep in my soul;
Spreading through my body,
And making me feel like gold.

Fresh as a bloomed flower,
I muse about life;
What with the night around me,
And the celestial light.

I am lit up;
The light in a thousand dark miles.

I am the oasis in the fiery desert.
And the rain in the lands so dry.

I am the Sun- rising, setting and rising,
And the Glory, for whom Humanity has been waiting.

I have come, I am here.
Let there be no vice, no fear.

Hold my hand, we shall go far,
Don't look below- look up at the stars...........


  1. We are all in gutters, but some of us are lloking at the stars...

    1. Yes n its only those handful lookin at the stars who bring in revolutionary changes in this world...;-)

  2. yeah finally sum1 wrote sumthin abt looking up at stars....

    its vry strange tht in todays fast n furious life we miss out on the lil happiness tht life provides us...we all search for tht perfect AC and forget to njoy the natural breeze....we all want moon coloured lights in our homes n forget to see the moon....tsi a relief sum1 is njoyin nature's best gifts.....

  3. A poem full of zest for life and the very spirit of life... Great lines.

    1. Thanks a lot Tomichan! Welcome to my blog! :) Hope U keep coming to read n comment more!

  4. I love the stars and the hope and positivity. Let's hold hands & go far :)

    1. Thanks Anita! Yes- hope, dreams n positivity r the only things we must cling on to in life! :)

  5. wah!... forced me to pick "Harivansh Rai Bachchan's collection" from my bookshelf ... wah!

  6. full of positive thoughts .. very nice poem :)

  7. Electrifying, Self-Shaking, Earth-Rattling post, and cursing NASA as those guys told us that the Stars are even bigger than our sun.

    1. OMG! Shabab U hav an 'earth-rattling' sense of humour! :P

      Thanks so much for your appreciation & electrifying comment! :D Well some stars r bigger, some same size, some smaller than our Sun....:P They are also unique in their own ways yet as a group, they nevertheless are the 'STARS'! :D


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