January 5, 2009

It's her habit,
To be hurt by him,
To feel terrible,
To feel unwanted,
To fall out of kindness,
And love for him.

But still moments later-
She laughs,
Radiating her love,
Shining like Heaven;
Forgetting her hurt,
And forgiving him,
From the core of her heart.

Only he doesn't know,
Whom he has hurt,
Whom he will miss,
Whom he isn't able to find....

And pray,
Where can YOU find her?

She is everywhere-
She is Love,
She is Life.........


  1. Thank you..
    I dont know you..except from your writings..
    Yet i feel so beautiful to read your thoughts..
    Thank you for writing..

  2. love is a beautiful feeling when attended..n yet more beautiful a feeling when unattended..
    even when nothing exists..love does..

    APPLAUDS to your writings..

  3. Hi amrita...

    i dont know why but every time i read ur expressions i feel as if i m part of it....it feels so close to heart.....wonderful....

  4. now that was a treat :)
    it'd been ages since i'd read u'r post..it feels so gud now
    this one is lovely...kinda clean and keen :)

  5. One word which is common for most of your posts: Beautiful.

    I understand the emotions involved.....

    But sometimes He knows. He knows he hasn't hurt her, he has hurt her belief.

    He knows he will miss her.
    He never wants to hurt her, but still he does. And may be she understands this and laughs again.

    He hurts her because of fear of being hurt.

    And though he may find Love everywhere, he can't hurt anyone as much as he hurt her. He can't love anyone as much as he loved her.

  6. preserve these words for the really deserving!
    ...for love is life, and life is one! :)


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