November 26, 2010

Back where I Belong

My heart speaks after a long time. What I had missed all these months was- letting my creativity loose on my blog. No. Summer internship, quizzes, classes, mid-terms, end-terms, events, projects- can't make me lose myself. So better late than never- Now am bak at it. Back with a vengeance. I hereby redeem my soul...............

Restless in the day,
Sleepless in the night,
Reckless in what I do,
Helpless in how to proceed,
I knock the doors of my heart,
In search of an answer.

My heart responds with a tear,
Yet it says not to fear,
That everything will be fine.
That penning poetry would bring me cheer,
And get back my life's shimmer,
My soul's shine.....


  1. Hope to see you write often.. :) I understand the challenges that've come up.. but we ought to redeem ourselves.. once in a while.. beautiful poem @ the end..

  2. Really, it was awe-inspiring piece of rhyme.
    Check mine too-


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