November 25, 2010

I love JLTs

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I love JLTs. U find all sorts of ppl there. One who is there solely for the music. One who is there solely for the free beer. One who is there for the music and dance. One for the music and drinks. One for the music, drinks and dance. (Left out a few combinations that dont make sense....duh!)

Yet, ALL are there for having FUN- their version of it!

One who thinks that it's impossible to start shaking a leg without a few drinks warming the belly. Anoder who is a natural- not a drop of the flowing beer to dance till morning. One who closes her eyes and dances- in a trance. One wid eyes wide open to watch other people dance. One who watches other ppl who are watching other ppl dance..(confused huh? But that's how it is!). One who is head banging at every possible chance. One who wants clicks with the chicks on the dance floor. Anoder who simply enjoys being there from the sidelines with a drink in hand. One who announces for the dancing circle to become bigger and make space for him- unconscious reaction due to the drinks making him slightly lose control. Anoder who has completely lost control- is soon carried back to room. And anoder who knows he is fast losing control- he holds the walls and slides away from the nite.

One who talks by going close to anoder's ears on the pretext of loud volume. And one who shouts above the music to talk to anoder. One who makes his love proposal heard with the DJ's mike. Anoder who sings loudly as well while dancing- gets a sore throat the next day. And anoder who lip-syncs the songs while dancing to save the sore-throat torture. One who dances with every group. One who is limited to just a single group. One who begs for a chance to dance with a chick and the chick flees coz of the intensity of drunken smell. One whom many dudettes want to dance with inspite of him being intensely drunk. One who lights a cigarette and multi-shares it and leaves out puffs like a mini-chimney. One who stays away from the chimney yet dances in the fire of exhileration with the awesome beats.

One who is simply a dancing mirror image of another all through-out. And one who originates the next funky step for the dancing circle. There's yet anoder originator- who starts the train chain which travels through and around the dance floor.

One who dances but still is busy watching other ppl's dance. One who forgets about other ppl dancing and simply dances in the elixir of the moment. One who looks at the time and then leaves- brush karne ka time, (max) soney ka time, khaney ka time, padhney ka time vagera vagera maybe fixed for this person...or maybe simply to avoid sleep deprivation for the next day's activities. One who goes off for a drunken date- perfect time. One who goes on dancing till the wee morning hours till the 'Gemini' & 'Sutta' songs come on. One who joins in the mornin after coupla hours of sleep.

One who holds a glass of punch just to be seen as 'in'. One who has not even tasted punch since inception and does not feel 'not in'. One who raises the steam with the moves. One who raises the energy level with the sheer choreographic and energetic grooves. One who needs to be pulled to the floor by friends. One who can't stop the body from dancing when the music begins. One who is taken to heaven by the drinks. One who is grounded even when drunk.

I don't JLT (just like that) love JLTs- I love them coz it's human xtasy at its peak. it's xperiencing the whole gamut of high-spirited humanity. It's the elixir of life @ XIMB...:)


  1. Cool! U gave a bird's eye view of JLT. Loved the way u have animated it and put subtle facts in a perceptive way :) One way or the other JLTs rock \m/

  2. ya of course JLTs rock! by d way one of them is a reference 2 u! u jst need 2 spot dat fr urself!! :P

  3. Is it "One who closes her eyes and dances- in a trance"? Nice perception but the reason being "dance like no one's watching" not in trance :P

  4. ok...dats bang on target!! but abt not shutting ur eyes out to all - rather u shd b lookin dem in the face & yet 'dance lik no one's watchin'! :P

  5. "But I will still know that they are watching and wont be able to "dance lik no one's watching " :D

  6. dance dance dance.. nice observation Amrita.. like d way u write..a very free style..

  7. haha very nicely penned about all categories of people in JLT..i wonder which one is me

  8. nicely written...a thorough analysis of JLT's..and which ONE r u??? :)

  9. Hey... good one!!!
    Covered every other person in d all famous JLT's wid this one! ;)
    I wud have to go in more than one category though! :P

  10. @ sd: Thanks!

    @ suchi: b true 2 urself...u'll spot it! :)

    @ Yesh: i'm a fusion of sorts...belongin 2 a cross-section of the categories given! :P

    @ Dipen: True....! Anoder fusion instance!

  11. Looks like quite a close observation of facts...Nice literature too.

  12. nice one.....brings back the memories of each and every JLT and my soul start to crave for another one of these JLT's.......


  13. @ Suvendu: Thanks!

    @ Pranab: Yes dude! We r all gonna miss JLTs lik nethin once we pass out from Xim. There's nothin lik this (NLT) in the entire wrld! :D

  14. Nice observation and described well....

  15. Gr8 work... awesome analysis...
    But to which group do you belong? :-)

  16. @Bhaskar: Thanks!
    @ Bappaditya: This has been answered by me alredy. chk prev comments!

  17. Good one Amrita..I could relate so much with the diff category of people :)
    Pen down some more on Life @XIM


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