November 27, 2010

Is this not love...

She had told him
To go away
Before he could
Fall in the net.

She told him
That's life's journey
Would be long
That what in future
Could not come true-
It's better not to pursue.

Still his crazy heart
Led on to believe
That whats not meant to be
Can still be reality.

He came forward
Etching the way
For professing love
And reliving bygone days.

She felt his heart
Crying in pain.
He knew she would
Never admit the same.

He promised never to
Profess love for her again.
Yet that she remains happy
He would pray again and again....


  1. True Love is of no gain
    unless you bear the pain
    and realize that it was not in vain
    he prayed for her happiness again again!!!

  2. @ Punya: Hmmm........looks lik sum1 has started becomin a poet! :P

  3. this poem shows the Adriatic nature of humane psychological communication methods .... purest thoughts, purest feelings, purest sentiments and honest words ... ironically i can relate this to joseph conrad's works without the satire ... in my words though this concept hurts but is probably the most true thing of all ... putting these to words is commendable .... i loved the concept or may we say abstract of "professional love" ... 'twas innovating and shows how industrious this poem is ...

    apart from all these the "non-professional" part of me and my heart falls for the "he felt his heart
    crying in pain.
    He knew she would
    Never admit the same" ...
    kudos to u on ur growing expanse ... loved it ... AS ALWAYS ...

  4. If this poem is what it looks like on the surface, then I can relate to 'him' and will try to find in these teasing yet touching lines my answers to what keeps 'her' from professing back her love to mine. Is it so hard, or is it a ploy on 'her' part to keep the magic alive, to keep the delicate dynamics playing for eternity? Very very touching indeed!

  5. @ Ashona: Always a pleasure 2 read ur comments...thanks fr d love u shower on my wrks....dey get nurtured & tickled & more beautiful...:)

    @ Amrita: My namesake...! thanks fr commentin for d 1st tym...hope u do so more regularly!

    @ Asiman: Dynamics won't remain delicate aftr sumtym....the girl is gonna get married many dreams wd remain unfulfilled...dey would b packed into a space within the heart & locked when visited later here tears wd trickle autmatically...

  6. Amazing.. its like u could read the mind ..
    I think perfect presentation of dilemma of falling in love wid sum1 when u know dat she love u and u also know that she never gonna admit it...


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