January 23, 2014

Little did she know


A brave analytical voice,
Was talking on real issues.
Not giving her name,
Yet brutally honest views.

As the powers got wind,
Her voice was muzzled...
She stopped blogging,
Deleted her twitter handle…

Little did she know*,
She would be sorely missed-
The only sane voice,
Amongst a million others.

 *A story told in rhyme, this is my first write for Write Tribe's 55 on Friday!

Write Tribe


  1. Nice take on the prompt Amrita! :)
    Well written. :)

  2. Hey thanks so much Nikhil! :D Hav been feelin strongly on d social media topic- even a Union Minister's wife gets killed...then commoners on Internet r jst nobody! Do keep comin back 2 my blog for more thought-provokin posts! :)

  3. Amazingly written Amrita. We need to bring our our voice even if its through social media

  4. Thanks a lot Ritika! Welcome to my blog. Glad 2 kno that U share a similar view as mine. Plz do keep visitin my blog more regularly & commenting here! :)

  5. Very true. Many voices are stiffled...

  6. Thnks fr readin n commentin.we'll b true democracy only wen all voices r respected.


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