January 19, 2014


Hi. I'm a dog called Suba. Nice name no?! Sounds like a happy chirpy morning in Hindi, isn't it?! But actually it means-Street's unwanted bast**d animal. No, my parents have not named me thus. It's the people around who called me so all the time ever since I opened my small brown puppy eyes to the world, by the roadside. So one fine day, when I understood the ways of the street (I was only a year old then) I decided to make an innovative name out of the initials. 

Source: http://ellieandabbie.typepad.com/.a/6a01156f3d64c3970b01310f2563ef970c-pi

Actually, I’ve gone through so much in life so far, that I can easily write ‘Autobiography of Suba- the Street's unwanted bast**d animal’ which will be the hottest  bestseller in the world, overtaking all previous records. I’ll even win the ‘Dog Booker Prize’ for it.

Sadly, something happened due to which this wish of mine could not and cannot be fulfilled.

Let me confess the truth to you. Truth is that I’m not the dog Suba. I’m actually the ghost of the dog Suba. The body of Suba is lying mutilated- cut into pieces by speeding heavy vehicles, on the NH-5.... 

So how did Suba die, I hear you ask. Well, ravenously hungry Suba was looking for food on the highway-side dustbin, when a street kid suddenly started throwing stones at him. Suba barked in retaliation and ran helter-skelter to escape the torture. The shower of stones only became stronger, as the kid’s friends joined him. Unknowingly, Suba steered into the middle of the highway. 

Then, blotch. And a pool of blood. And dog flesh.

And no one cared. Vehicles speeded by. People crossed by. Heartless. 

Five days. Suba’s body lies like thousands of other dogs’ bodies on the roads. To decompose on its own. 

Then, I’ll go to Heaven.......

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