January 30, 2014

My First Top Post at IndiBlogger!

Top post on IndiBlogger.in, the community of Indian Bloggers

Seeing my post on IndiBlogger (IB) Homepage for the first time was such a delight!
Four-months old in IB*, I was waiting keenly for the moment to behold this sight!

I captured the image and waited for my IB Top Badge e-mail with bated breath,
By the time I got it, for my post to remain as Top only few minutes were left!

Source: Excitedly self clicked!

Still those eight minutes were the sweetest so far in my IB existence,
Mantras to thrive here are- survival of the fittest, patience, persistence!

It was only divine justice that my 26 Jan post should be the chosen one,
The shiddat for this achievement, made me feel like I’ve run a marathon!

Why all the shiddat to come at the top- this has a simple answer,
For we all want to WIN, for everyone loves a winner ....!

Realization dawned about how IB’s is a huge give-and-take Universe,
How some great blogs are hidden from our eyes only due to low votes...

On the cusp of coming on the home page, my post has often been victimized,
Even if I’ve already voted for their posts, people abstain from voting for mine!

And then there are those who come and vote, but for my old posts!
And my latest post lies a poor victim of politics- ignored and uncared for!

Yet there are those who disappear for long, soon after voting for the post,
And there are also those whom I am always thankful to- my true dosts!

My network has grown by leaps after coming on the top page,
Very rightly IB says- it’s a good thing to care and reciprocate!

By visiting many bloggers’ posts, I have written comments,
When they visit my blog and write, it gives me pleasure immense!

I’m happy being an active IndiBlogger as I’m learning every day so much,
A vast world, different topics, various people- SO MUCH TO DISCOVER

IndiBlogger.in - Indian Blogging Community
Source: IB Homepage

*I've been blogging since 8 years (2006..do check my archives!) yet joined forums like IB only last September-end. Why I love Blogging will tell U more about why I started and continue to blog!

Still I got only 5 votes for Why I love Blogging when I posted it on Indivine last month (when I was seriously unaware of how things work in IB!). I used to wonder then, why this interesting post is not getting votes! :P Similar was the fate of my so many initial posts...check pic below! Until I did real mehnat for my 26 Jan post which HAD to be on IB Home Page as it is a heart-felt wishlist dedicated to the progress of our beloved India.

Source: Screenshot of My Posts on Indivine

 **PS: I've written this post candidly from my heart, as it's very special to me. Many of you (whose posts within a couple of hours only become top posts on IB or elsewhere!) may think this is a silly and naive topic to wite about. Yet I feel many of you may have gone through this phase too.

Being an optimist, I believe 'This too shall pass'...! Thanks always to all my blogger mates who have helped me grow as a person- vote or no vote, comment or no comment!

Yet, I must state here the very apt words of Nabanita- a fellow top blogger...
“Trust me nothing motivates us bloggers more than a comment from our readers”!

 I love blogging and I am a BLOGGER FOR LIFE! :D



  1. Congratulations Amrita..Way to go girl :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Nagini! Yes, a long way to go! :D

  2. Your post prompts me to ask a pertinent question (at-least pertinent for me) why do writers write?
    All these years i have believed that its the only way writers express themselves best. But the tricky part is express themselves for themselves to themselves or express themselves for an audience to an audience. Share your views.
    Having said all this, heartiest congratulations on your success
    http://sachinmanan.wordpress.com/ that's me

    1. Express themselves for themselves to themselves...superbly put. We all write in our diaries. We all write foremost for self-satisfaction, for our happiness. Yet after blogs came into being, I shifted to penning thoughts on blog. Then I started expressing here for myself as well as others, so that others could also read my published thoughts and let me know if they felt the same or differently.

      Infact, I never joined a forum earlier. Hence more ppl could not discover my blog. Now U and several others have, and I feel wonderful being connected to all of U. U must also tell me your thoughts on this! :D

  3. Ha ha! Not once or twice...now it remains to be seen how frequently this happens n persistence pays! :) Thanks all the same! It was really sweet of u! :)

  4. Way to go!! :)

    And thanks for the mention!

    1. Hey thanks and mention not Nabanita...pleasure was mine!:)

  5. Me too felt the same twice when my posts were amongst the top ones, Amrita!
    Good to reciprocate! :)

    1. Thanks Aayesha! Welcome to my blog! Definitely the goodness Spread by reciprocation feels exhilarating! :)

  6. Congratulations Amrita, may god brings so many such moments in your life....

    1. Thanks a lot Alok for your encouragement n wonderful wishes! U r a true dost! :)

  7. Whoa! Congratulations dear :D

  8. Congrats Amrita :) Indeed it's a wonderful feeling to see your post right there on the top lists :)

    1. Hey thanks a zillion Prasanna! :D Gr8 day today....thanks for making it greater by commenting here! Plz do visit my blog more often and give in your comments...:)
      Like I said...making it to the top lists is shiddat...poori qayanat must help...& especially wonderful bloggers like U! :D Thanks again!

  9. Congrats !!!!
    God bless and may you have many more such occasions(DAILY) in your life. Celebrate the little joys in life ..Amrita...

    1. Thanks Veena! :D Hope your wishes for me come true! Little joys give the greatest happiness!

  10. Congratz Amrita..yup blogosphere s a new n vast network where v can learn so much n meet the views of so many ppl..

  11. Hey thanks so much Ania! I will reciprocate soon! :)

  12. congrats! I felt exactly the same, happy beyond words.

    p.s. I never thought a mere 'Top post' badge would make a difference to my writing. It didn't, but the happiness from being appreciated was unquantifiable :)

    1. Thanks Ipsita! Completely agree with you! :) Top badge can't make a difference to our writing, yet is necessary for getting noticed....after that people will know you for sure and will wanna connect..at least initially! :D Once niche is carved, one is on the roll! It's recognition & appreciation all the way after that! :)

  13. Congratulations, what a great achievement!! :-)

  14. Congratulations girl...:D :D...First things first: It is nothing but a feel good post , there's nothing silly or naive about the above post. Even I kinda feel happy after seeing how happy nd excited you are. See , "happiness".. it is contagious too. :p ;)
    Secondly, the way you write , you ought to see a lot more of your posts on the Indiblogger's home page. You truly deserve it Amrita.A "straight from the heart" post always does.
    Keep Blogging....Stay Happy! :):)

    1. Hey thanks so mch for your encouragement Nikhil! :D One of my true dosts on IB U are! :)


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