May 17, 2006

'Do Not' Times

There is no way to ascertain that the other is lying. Or saying the truth. Sometimes it is plain trust. Or plain belief. Or plain mistrust. Or complex disbelief. A dash of partiality maybe. A tinge of self-gain maybe. An attachment of importance to intuition maybe. Driven by goodness. Or maybe hatred. Or maybe simply bcoz we want to, ‘coz we want to.

Whatever it is, a complicated plethora of emotions takes over. And offers us a choice. Take it, or leave it. And we live with what we take. Sometimes we do try not to live, with what we leave. And we succeed. Sometimes we do not.

It is these ‘do not’ times, which bring so many shades to life. ( many out of) All colours on a palette. (many out of) All dishes on a platter.

Oh what would human beings have learnt without ‘do not’ times….?

What would human beings have done without(and even apart from) taking it, or leaving it……..?


  1. i have always said it aloud and will again say that "Happiness (and atisfaction) are the things which drive man t live ... these are the sole things .. which we WANT. we may sometimes not feel the inner implication to grab it ... and the society terms those situations as sacrifices even if .. u are content to ur heart ... for ur own happiness ... well there are a lot of charecters on this earth ... and no body is wrong ... everybody is correct ,,, and basically u are no body to comment on the "OTHER" ... well here i am again commenting u .. which i shouldnt ... the society lies in the feeling of trust and that desire of happiness and satisfaction ... whatever i do or u do ... is for ur happiness only ... thats all .. there is no other philosophy in the world ... well according to me ....

  2. as a part of last commment i would like to add that .. for the timebeing ...i mean i am still an amature writer .. and i dont write for my own satisfaction .. like u ... without any comments ... i like comments a lot ...and .. as i think i have got a blogger friend (sort of) ... i would love to read ur comments .. cause

    1)i need encouragement
    2)ur english is superb .. ur comment matters ...
    3)i dont know exactly ..but my gf says guys always want comment from gals ..
    4)i want something in return to my comments ...

    well i have written a lot of stuffs ... but i would rate them as below .. so that u can choose to read ...






    these 5 addresses are all poems ... and last 2 arent mine totally ... i just liked them ... :D

    well well well .. what i have done to ur comments book ... anyways ... sry for that ,,,u can do whatever u like in my scrap book ...

    aab yahan pe mail likh hi raha hun to i should reply o ur scrap ...

    well i am going to be a 4th year stud. from july .. am on training gujurat now .. exams kabke khatam ho chuke hain ...

    and my life is too dynamic that i cant tell u anything .... we just have started scrapping-scrapping .. well never matters ... anyways

    hee hee ... actually i was getting bored a lot ... time paas hogaya tumhare comments book pe ...:D

    do comment my blogs ...

  3. well ashona111, well said! nice philosophy too! but u mst remember dat the 'OTHER', is very subtly, only yourself. d only person one is ever capable of knowing truly & fully- is only oneself.

  4. @that guy
    actually, well,'s sad dat u don't kno mch about urself..... & are still poking ur anonymous nose........apart from lookin at d stars, of course.

    u'd do better 2 try knowing ur anonymous self first, before attempting to know others, and to kno about urself from oders.


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