May 28, 2006

What one does not have, or thinks the self unable of having, or thinks unworthy to have, becomes a topic of much thought, much speculation, some envy(‘not in the latter case.’ did you say that? U’ll come to know otherwise….) and specifically in the latter case, much sensationalisation. The latter case is on my radar now.

Deciding what is ‘unworthy’ to have, is a factorial task. The conditioning factor. The flexibility of approach to ideas. The acceptance-of-change factor. The (broad/narrow/in-between) mindedness. The adventurism factor. The prejudices factor. The extent of conventionalism. The slice of life attached to peers/elders. The experience factor. The scared-of-risk factor.

Unworthy. Like, for some, having a capuchinno at a coffee outlet. Or having Pizza Hut goodies. Or having a gf or bf. Or the unworthiest thing being having a capuchinno at a coffee outlet or Pizza Hut goodies, with the bf/gf. Or, liking the curves of Mallika Sherawat. Or maybe, spending some chatting or orkuttin time on the net. Or even just having any-time-access to the internet. [ Not a coincidence that, those not having, ‘think’ it ‘unworthy’. A mixture of a tinge of suspicion-envy(I with my present resources can not have that thing with/within me) –inquisitiveness(wonder how it would feel)-scopeforcontroversy-prejudice-peers-and-all-factors-mentioned-in-previous-stanza is probably the reason in all these cases. The self-explanation given is ‘I don’t want it and happier without it’. But actually, contempt is seething within and finds expression through sarcastic comments at those who have got it. It’s unfortunate, how disproportionate contempt creeps and clasps, in even people with otherwise good value systems. When bare human nature takes over, then bare human nature takes over.]. Or maybe, having cable channels. Or, the quality of being argumentative. Or probably, reading another Sidney Sheldon after reading another Sidney Sheldon. Or, the quality of being adventuristic. Or simply, keeping dumb teachers in good humour (of course, those who neglect it, don’t get good marks! But even then, some people rather choose to do without it). Or maybe, going to the local Orkut meet. Or perhaps, ‘falling in love’(in the present day world). Undesirable. Unworthy. They think all these things to be ‘unworthy’ is fine, but what is not fine, is to scoff at people who think any of these things to be worthy! Everybody is entitled to their own choice, after all!

So anyway, they are outright in condemning the change. They wage a war. Against how girls never should aspire to have beautiful figures. Against how ‘love’ in the present context, is nothing but a farce. A hoax. Against how girls should never wear sleeveless tops. Against how coffee-shops and 5-star hotels and big cars are only an abyss for money and have false status symbol sensibilities attached to them. And they discuss amongst like-minded crusaders, that how lucky and wise they themselves are. Against how other youths are rotting away. Against how the internet is nothing else except a net of waste. Maybe all of it is true to an extent( again a matter of personal opinion), but all of this does not deserve the extreme/undue hatred which the belligerent crusaders blindingly form inside their minds, by making their imaginations work overtime and wasting otherwise useful energy.
Many of the times, what they cannot get or have( at the moment) is snowballed into a prejudice against it. The snow of ‘unworthiness’ covers it. Conveniently. Efficiently. Convincingly. A pride arises- the pride of rejecting the ‘unworthy’.

So, whom are they fighting against? Mostly, only themselves. Without( or maybe, inspite of) realizing that the driving factor of their hatred is in barest terms, The haves and have-nots divide.

Whom are these crusaders trying to hurt by subtle, yet sarcastic remarks? Now you know. Will the frustrated crusaders who have self-launched their self-made crusade, never realize the simple truth of the world? Those who are (sanely/insanely/in-between) rich and (separately) those who have the inclination and (separately) those who have the requisite qualities( for instance, can butter the teacher/boss, or can argue, or can flirt) and of course exercising their choice in a democratic-globalising-shining economy, will go ahead and do their thing.

Have it. Will do it.

Welling up with prejudices and not-accepting-the-void-felt-at-times, is gravely injurious to health. To physical & emotional well-being.

Let us exactly accept what we have and do not have. Of course, the envy is natural in human nature, and it gives way to sadism. But let us also remember that it is very much within our choice and ability to achieve what we want to, and this same envy(instead of turning into sadism) can drive us towards that, and we have a choice to not hurt others by cynicism regarding what other people want to enjoy and yet we detest.

Let us just be human beings. And choose to exercise the fair choice.

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