December 14, 2012


"They will kill Ur enthusiasm,
And let U do nothing.
They will char Ur dreams,
And burn U to cinders.
They will nip U in the bud,
And never let U flower.
They will push U over cliffs,
And watch your fragments scatter.
They will chase U with swords, guns,
And reduce U to tatters.
They will cut Ur arteries,
And ensure that U suffer."

I heard 'they' do all this to honest people,
Who do good for the nation and its people.

Dark-Hearted from the Dark Ages,
Out to strangulate this beautiful nation,
'They' will not dare raise their head,
In front of an Army of upright people-

Whose souls are not for sale;
Whose integrity is fiercely guarded;
Whom God gives the strength,
To fight a thousand man-eaters;
With thorough sense of purpose,
And intelligence.

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