December 14, 2012

Pale Pride

U make a mockery,
Of everythin'; of everyone.
U shred them to bits,
Keep findin' faults.

Like a black blanket,
Ever ready to shroud the goodness;
Ur pleasure lies in takin' the sting out,
Of every poor unstingin' li'l thing.

God save your soul,
For never findin' the right,
Staring at your face;
U love to come first in,
Ur own unruly li'l race.

U cannot tolerate,
The right done or said!
Someone else makes more sense-
This U simply cannot accept!

Still the grand dreams,
Of ruling the world,
From the higher power echelons;
Still the splendid succor,
In Ur self-aggrandized humor!

And so U pale out,
Caught in Ur own oxymorons.
U try to redeem Urself,
But alas! The damage has been done!

Quit Ur false pride,
Before callin' Urself learned;
One cannot know EVERYTHING right,
Is first applicable to Ur own SELF!

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