December 21, 2012

To the Rapists

You wretched demons!
Your barbaric brains,
Should be mutilated,
And burnt to cinders,
So U lose all capability,
To do right and wrong.

You heinous criminals!
Your intestines should be battered,
With iron-rods and chains,
Worse than the way you did,
To the helpless victim.

You worst animals!
Your hearts should be wrenched,
And thrown to wolves,
Who wild and heartless as they may be,
Are still better than U.

You horrendous rapists!
You all should be stripped,
And stoned to death in public.
Then your bodies should be dumped,
In the deep seas,
To be torn apart,
By hungry sharks,
Into innumerable bits.......


  1. Some people never evolved to become human beings,let alone part of society.I hate to be a part of this society ,it is time we introspect our society and see what is wrong in society norms or mores to produce this butchers.We can't just blame these rapists,something is wrong somewhere in our society which allows this brazen butchers to commit this gross act.Is it the thought of "won't get caught" ,"possibilty of bending rules to escape " ,"seeing women as sex objects" we need to find such answers.Well written amrita ...but what will stop this act from being committed again laws "no"....reforms in society and mindset "yes".

  2. Wellsaid Siddhartha. Really.lots needs to b done simply so day women r treated wide respect


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