March 25, 2014

Five Things I wish to do in Malaysia!

There are lots of things I've never done in my life. I wanna do them for the first time ever in Malaysia- truly Asia. I truly, madly, deeply wanna do the following 5 things in Malaysia!

(1) Scuba Diving in Semporna Islands- Yes! I've never scuba-dived in my life! I wanna experience this at South Eastern Sabah in Malaysia in the lively Semporna Islands!

(2) Bungee Jumping at Kuala Lumpur- Never bungee jumped before! I wanna feel weightless when I bungee jump in Kuala Lumpur and shout "yooohooooooooooooo"!

(3) Yacht Sailing by pristine Langkawi- This should feel heavenly! I wanna sail a yacht by the side of Langkawi in its emerald blue waters!

(4) Eating a new dish each day- I wanna taste a new Malaysian dish everyday, preferably in every city of Malaysia! It's my dream!

(5) Walk across the Petronas Twin Towers- Wanna walk right across the Petronas Twin Towers by that mystic connecting path midway of the towers and admire beautiful Kuala Lumpur from over 550 feet above the ground! I'll love it like anything!

And each of the above five things, I'll never forget throughout my life coz I'll cherish them forever!

The first time is always special! The first time in my life I'll do all these awesome things....and in MALAYSIA! :D

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  1. don't know about other but this wish list of your's is matching with mine list except you got one less in the list ! :d

  2. Lovely list, Amrita! Quite adventurous :)
    Even I dream to visit Malaysia :)
    May our dreams come true :)
    Best wishes! :)

  3. You are so adventurous ! I love Bungee Jumping though a little scared. But if I have a chance, why not?
    All the best :)

    1. Thanks Uma! Ya m scared too! :-P newez wd like to do dat once....won't v bcom fearless after dat?!;-)

  4. Hey Awesome blog...... i think you can submit the same blog here as well

  5. sounds adventurous ! pls share your mail id

  6. Adventurous wishes.. good one indeed!


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