March 22, 2014

He and Me

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I was angry and sad. Just because I had not given his favourite office shirt and pant for ironing, he screamed his lungs out at me.

And then he thundered that he won't have his bread and butter, with steaming hot omlette which I had kept on the dining table.


He simply wore his socks and shoes and left hurriedly in his car ...without kissing me goodbye.

I was so dejected and annoyed- at myself, at him. At myself more than at him. What right did I have to give him a bad day at office?

I took out a paper and pen and started writing. Furiously. Crazily. It was the only way to keep myself sane.

I don't know exactly for how long I wrote, but then probably after fifteen minutes I heard his car screech to a halt.

He came through the still open door and hugged me. He said, "Sorry sweetheart.. I should not have screamed at you." I smiled and said, "Don't say sorry! Have your breakfast instead Mr. Angry Young Man!"

He microwaved it and had breakfast quickly.

Guess what after that?! He picked up his mobile phone and charger!

Then i realised that he had forgotten this vital pair of things of his life! And he must have realised what else he forgot coz just after that he left....

....after kissing me goodbye.:-)

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggersby BlogAdda! 

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  1. Nice and creative.. loved it :)

  2. Hello, may I request for a book view please?

  3. What stuck me is that both characters know, embrace, and accept themselves as imperfect, Isn't that's the toughest and most beautiful part; knowing all of our faults & having courage to accept them all ... :)

  4. Aww that was cute. Love the conflicting emotions!

  5. Ha ha, nice way to present the same story. It is almost the story of all of us, but you presented in an entirely different way.

  6. Very nice & creative & so many pairs here, Amrita! WOW :)

    1. Thanks a lot Anita! :D Yes many pairs here...y just one!! :P

  7. Replies
    1. Hey thanks a lot Navya! Didn't kno U were on Blogger!! :D

  8. oh this was so cutely presented :)

  9. Love this one. A well deserved WOW!


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