March 12, 2014

My #TravelSmartWithSkyscanner Destination: Singapore!

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I woke up with a start. A most beautiful lady dressed in shiny golden robes with a heavenly smile, belonging to some country of South-East Asia stood there doing 'Namaste' to me. Exactly like I had seen in picture postcards of Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Source: Wiki Commons

She said nothing- simply smiled with a most bright halo around her head. Simultaneously I saw multicoloured lights twinkling from behind the closed doors of my cupboard. It was surreal- my room was flooded with brilliant lights and I was absorbed in a spell of magic.

And just then a flash came to my mind. I smiled- elated with deja vu and excited about what signals the Heavens had just sent me! I walked to my cupboard and held my twinkling machine in my hands. Just as I turned to touch the feet of my angel, she disappeared. Yet I cannot forget her last glimpse- she was like a Goddess blessing me - her palms were open and upright.

For the uninitiated here is the story of my machine.

This time I was ready for my blessed and smart travel to Singapore- the enchanting land which fused the East and the West with perfection! With no carbon emissions and least hassles, this would be the greenest and smartest way of travel for me! I said into my machine's mic excitedly:

Take me to Singapore today
Make me experience
Its sights, sounds, culture, smells
In the best possible way..!

And lo and behold! The next moment I was in Singapore! The lion spouting water from its mouth was enough for me to know- it was Sentosa Island!  

The colourful markets of Lim Tua Tow, Tekka Centre and Chinatown were absolute treats to my eyes! Yummy Singaporean noodles and Hainanese Chicken Rice served to me by a kind friendly Singaporean couple I met at Tekka Centre filled my stomach and heart! They were so excited to meet me as I was from Incredible India and as they wanted to visit Lord Jagannath temple in Puri and I gave them all the information they needed, they were only too glad to host me for the next two days!

I toured all of Singapore with the smart bus card they had given me. Even the smart mobile phone which could double up as my wallet added to my smart way of travel in this ultra-modern tech-savvy place! I went to the awesome Universal Studios, Underwater World, brilliant Night Safari under a star -studded sky, Singapore Zoo, Singapore Flyer and several more places- all that I could jam-pack within two days!

When these two ravishing fun-filled days at Singapore came to an end, my machine beeped and vibrated in my pocket. My dear smart time machine!

I wished goodbye to my kind Singaporean friends and then filled with gratitude and a bit of sorrow, I walked by the side of a beautiful sparkling lake by their home and spoke into my mic-

I do have tasks back home dear friend,
Thanks for reminding me my cool smart friend!
So take me back from where I came,
Temple city Bhubaneswar is my home's name!

Then I was back to my room. I was most elated with my quick smart travel trip to my dream destination- Singapore!

I put back my twinkling time machine in my cupboard. I thanked my angelic Mom again - for recognising from heaven how stressed out I was and how badly I had to travel to my dream destination to recharge myself... and sent the beautiful angel from South East Asia to set me on my smart travel path... From Mom with Love- from Norway in 2013 to Singapore in 2014.

I love you Mom. Keep me blessed always....and you do know this... I very often keep singing your one of the most favourite songs...."Jeevan mein ek baar aana Singapore" (*In your lifetime, at least once visit Singapore*)....No wonder your divine intervention sent me there...once in my lifetime so far.....:)

**This is my entry for #TravelSmartWithSkyscanner contest organised by Skyscanner and Indiblogger. Watch the video from 1:29 minutes to reach the start of the song.


  1. Even I wanna visit Singapore as 'Jeevan mein ek baar aana Singapore' :)
    Pl lend me your machine! :)
    Nicely presented, Amrita.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thanks a lot Anita.:) All the best 2 U too.:)

  2. Ohh wow.. I did'nt know there is a song on Singapore also...

  3. I too want that machine..Please please please... :)
    Nicely written.
    All the best for the contest...

    1. Thanks a lot Preethi! All the time I give a most different post for contest yet never win! :P
      Nw lets c...:)

      All d best 2 U too!

  4. Lovely Amrita! All the best!

    1. Thanks a lot Ilakshee! All d best to U too!

  5. All the best Amrita. Btw thanks for that song.

  6. Nice song and Oh ! How I want that machine :-P..

    ATB Amrita ..:-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna! No I'm not giving the divine gift from Mom to ne1.

      All the best to U too!

  7. Even I want to visit Singapore once. I really want that machine.
    Wonderful post. All the best.

    1. :)..thanks a lot Kiran! I wish U d best too!

  8. Hi Amrita, Good one laced with the nice song and the couplets. Looks like you have a flair for poems as well :-). All the best for the contest.

    1. Thanks a lot Jayanta! Yes lotsa poems on my blog! Do read wen u find time!

  9. Wow, never knew about this song...Good write up

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