April 8, 2014

G: Great Expectations


Great Expectations,
They have from me.

Just that my time has not come,
So they look down upon me with a frown.

Ask me deliberate questions and snigger,
How they love to see me and loved ones' faces wither.

About me as their birthright they'll speculate,
Their poky noses can't smell their own smelly fate!


The fine day when my time will come,
They'll rush to bask under my Sun!

The liars will heap praises and say,
"Our faith upon you never dithered Miss Champion"!

And this only coz I'd have fulfilled,
Every promise- unkept and kept.

Coz every great expectation,

I would have met...

**This is my post for the letter 'G' under A to Z Challenge 2014.  I thought of a poem with 'G'- Great Expectations!

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  1. It's a good thing to think that today is not your time and ignore the absurdities around. This keeps us calm, let us move on with what we should actually care about and also this makes us take chances to prove ourselves. I liked your thoughts behind these lines. :)

    1. and I have nominated your blog for the Sunshine Blog Award. http://namratakumari.blogspot.in/2014/04/my-sunshine-blog-award.html
      I hope you would accept the award. :)

    2. Hey thanks so much Namrata! That is such a gr8 honour! :) OK..aceepting the award means:
      1. Display award on your blog.
      2. Show gratitude to the person and link back your nominator.
      3. Nominate up to 10 of your favorite deserving bloggers.
      4. Link the nominees in your post and let them know.
      5. Write ten interesting things about yourself. - See more at: http://namratakumari.blogspot.in/2014/04/my-sunshine-blog-award.html#sthash.zECqQG8e.dpuf

      Will do all of this soon! Feel blessed n so happy! :) Thanks!!

    3. Beautiful thoughts Namrata... :) U always extend my thoughts behind my posts... :) Brilliant!

  2. not today but one day .. really very nice poem :)

    1. Thanks Ankur! Simultaneously v need 2 wrk hardest...else that one day wont com! :)

  3. What a positive note on "G" - see read and feel its vibrance :)

  4. haha well that's amazing :) and true :P

    1. Thanks so much Midnight Scribbles! :D Great xpectations indeed! :)

  5. fantastic! very positive poem for motivation :)


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