April 12, 2014

K: Killer Instinct


My blogger friend Rakesh Mondal recently figured out that I was blogging about each succeeding letter of English Alphabet each day. Obviously he was unaware of A to Z Blogging Challenge! Anyway yesterday while commenting on my post J:Jealousy he gave a nice suggestion for letter 'K'- Killer Instinct! Thanks Rakesh! So I've accepted your suggestion and my thoughts on 'Killer Instinct' are below:

What is 'Killer Instinct'?

I feel its that raging fire from deep within to achieve what we really want. That urge to give our all for that one goal.

'Killer' is generally one who has done a lot of preparation to achieve what he wants...yes- imagine killing someone plus leaving no trace! I take the case of the premeditated killer here. He is determined and for whatever reason has set out to achieve that objective- to kill.

On the other hand, 'instinct' is what defines us- the driver of our actions. Every moment we are an amalgamation of thought, feelings, emotions. Our instinct gives us orders to act in a certain way or naturally respond at the moment in a particular way.

And when both these join, they create a heady concept- Killer Instinct!

Join the preparation, perseverance, single-mindedness of the killer with every cell of your body instinctively telling you to go for your goal, and you have it- Killer Instinct!

This is what separates the winner from the loser. When all our energy is focussed on our goal, and we give our all to achieve it with no fear, no doubt in our minds- indeed our focus would be so great that there would be no place for any other thought- then we are displaying killer instinct in our lives and we will no doubt achieve what we want. Such dedication, such focus, just do it attitude will definitely make us win!

So are you ready to achieve your highest potential by putting into practice your killer instinct from now on?! :-)
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  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeh :/ OUCH !!!!!! On my face Directly :/ :/ I did Not see that coming.....
    Of course I knew about A-Z challenge :V but.............ummmm .. Ok never mind. :D

    And About the article ? Quiet shocked again :D you really can make article out of anything :D By the way thank you so much for the honour :D hehe and going to share on my FB wall

    PS: You really have a killer (killing) instinct :D

    Hail to Amri JI...


    1. Thanks so much Rakesh! EEEEEE! :D OK sorry I didnt kno U knew abt A to Z Challenge... :) I know U dnt mind it! :P

      U r very jovial & sporting! Keep it up alwez my blogging friend! :D

  2. Very nice inspirational post!

  3. Killer instinct like that of Moriarty? :D

    1. Moriarty? the one from Sherlock Holmes ?

    2. Oops Namrata & Rakesh...I dunno abt Moriarty! :) But then this is MY version of killer instinct! :D

  4. Very nice, Amrita! Nice off-beat topic suggested by Rakesh & done great justice by you :)
    Wish we have this instinct in everyone in our country. No one can stop India from being the Superpower.
    Max medals, development, education...
    Hail Killer Instinct! :) 3 Cheers!

    1. Thanks so much Anita! Yes- killer instinct to achieve all our aims & help India achieve her goals too! :)

  5. .. it was such a nice off-beat post :)


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