April 28, 2014

X: X is who?!

Maths sums always had 'X had blah blah, calculate his speed or blah blah' & algebra had 'blah blah blah. Find x'. We also tend to name people we do not know as X, Y or Z!

So what's the fascination with X about?! The thing is that the X-factor about X is just this- in our thinking, anything unknown becomes 'X'!!

While we are at 'X', why not enjoy a song by one of my favorite singers- Kishore Kumar, from the 1964 Bollywood Classic movie- "Mr.X in Bombay"?!! And you can see Kishore Kumar as the actor too! :) Listen and watch the fabulous song and thank me loads!! :P

**This is my post for letter 'X' of A to Z Challenge 2014.

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  1. that is a very nice song .great music along with lyrics :). actually easy to play with guitar .. also :D

    1. :D Do play it & put on ur blog! will b gr8!

  2. It was a fun movie and a wonderful song. Good one for X :)

  3. This is a nice song.. and good take on X ..:-)

  4. Remembered Algebra!
    Awesome Kishore Kumar sing. Love his voice!

  5. X-ray ? xylophone ? :) Nice post :)


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