April 17, 2014

O: Odisha voted today in its 2nd phase!

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The beautiful state of Odisha voted today for filling up 11 Lok Sabha seats and 77 Assembly seats. Earlier, voting for 10 Lok Sabha seats and 70 Assembly seats had been completed. The Northern and Coastal districts of Odisha have voted today. News reports say that 70% voter turn-out was witnessed- quite high compared to states like Rajasthan, Karnataka etc.

I voted too from Bhubaneswar Central constituency. Felt great!

I hope the best candidates win, who can contribute more to growth of Bhubaneswar and also voice our demands at both Lok Sabha and State Assembly effectively.

Industries and agriculture both need to be given a push here. Well-planned urban renewal is required and sustainable use of resources is necessary- not the mindless felling of trees for expansion.

Simultaneously, Odisha's representatives at Lok Sabha must voice our grievances and get the Centre to provide more funds for more rapid growth and uplifting more people from crippling poverty. More engagement rather than neglect by the Centre is needed for more rapid progress of our natural disaster-prone state. Infrastructure needs to be shored up further and more job opportunities need to be built up faster.

I hope Elections 2014 heralds a new success chapter not only for India, but also for Odisha- my gorgeous home state! :)

Source Shows 2009 results: This time results can be vastly different! Hoping for the best!

**This is my post for letter 'O' of A to Z Challenge 2014.


  1. We vote next week here! Good post, Amrita :) Here's wishing the best for our motherland!

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

    1. Thanks Beloo! Yes fingers crossed! May India win! :)

    2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about odisha voted
      thanks from cctv bali and cctv denpasar

  2. Oh you have included Agriculture in your article as a priority for our lawmakers.

    A Farmer

    1. Oops! I wish U were not Anonymous Mr. 'A Farmer'! :) Of course agriculture is a priority! 60% of India depends on it...& in Odisha probably 70% ppl depend on it! :)

    2. So many ideas in this post with Odisha, India, Elections, Voting, Suggestions... Great one, Amrita :)

    3. Will the new Govt provide a dedicated satellite to farmers for advanced agriculture as in US,Israel?

      Will the new govt provide us the technology in which we can automate irrigation in our agri- firm through our smart phone?

      -A farmer from big 70% population :)

    4. @Anita : Thanks a lot! :)

      @Anonymous: Mr.'A Farmer from big 70% population'...stilll can't get it y u r ashamed of revealing ur name! :D Who knows...if U wrote these with Ur name then some govt ppl could contact U as ideas are no doubt good! :)
      Currently what irrigation dyu practise over ur farm & how big is it?!

    5. I don't have Google ID & other profiles listed here. So forced to reply as Anonymous

      My twitter handle is @dhenkanalbjp

    6. Oho! @dhenkanalbjp welcome back 2 my blog! :) Still unbelievable U dnt hav a gmail id! What mail do U use- yahoo, rediff etc.??

  3. The election fever's on. Odisha is among those states which still is lagging much behind including Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. People in these states need to be clever voters. A perfect post at this time.

    1. Yes Namrata U r right. Yet Odisha is not lagging 'much' behind Bihar & Chhatisgarh. Esp. Bihar & Odisha r clubbed in 'Least Development Status' states needing Special category status. In my 'A' post for A to Z Challenge I've elaborated on the same.
      Thanks for your comment! :) Have U voted yet?!

  4. o yeah orissa voted today .. a sensible post for the day :)

  5. Thanx for voting the writer Mam. I sincerely hope you have voted for India this time.

    Hope our next CM ll take steps . control ever increasing crime rates.

    Last year i had suggested to home ministry of Odisha to install CCTV in each street of BBSR & then in all towns. But nobody listened to the common man.

    I don't want 1rs/kg rice. I want more security.
    -A Common Man

    1. Another Anonymous this time 'common man'! :P
      Yes I have certainly voted for India. :)
      Security is a major concern- not just in Odisha but in India too. CCTVs is a good idea, yet I believe there is such a crunch of officials in Odisha police dat none wd b there 2 monitor them!
      Even day-to-day wrk of filing FIRs is not complete then what will happen of CCTV footages?! Yes 1 advantage is that after crime is committed we can go back 2 footage for seeing the criminals captured there.... still it'd take months 2 capture them with our crunch of officials!

      Still in view of upcoming Nabkalebar I believe we must have heightened security. 50 lakhs ppl at one place is a big attraction for terrorists. :(

      When U reply, plz dnt be a common man. Have an identity & we can take this to the govt. :)

  6. Just dropped in from A to Z.
    Donna Smith
    The A-to-Z Challenge
    Mainely Write

  7. We're still to vote here in Kolkata , though some parts of West Bengal have already witnessed this vote fever. A very timely post... :-)

    1. Thanks so much Maniparna! :) Yes, once voting fever comes it grips all! :)


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