September 20, 2012

To a Special Girl

What do you have about you?
You are so simple,
So damn innocent,
So ordinary,
So firmly on the earth.

What's special?
Your eyes?
Your lips?
Your look?
Or your smile?

They may not tell,
But actually,
They love you,
For what you are.

Perhaps you have to realise,
That you are more than,
What you think you are.

'Coz it is the power,
Of your soul so pure,
Which is so attractive,
And so mesmerizing.

Just close your eyes,
And feel the power,
The beauty,
Of your personality.

Your purity
And innocence
Are the true ingredients
Of your beauty.

Oh! Come on!
Realise this!
Feel beautiful!
You foolish girl!!


  1. Good read. Really, as they say, to the point!

  2. Thanks wildflower! Feels gr8 to hav updated my blog aftr long n gr8 dat u let behind ur comment...:)

  3. Hey! This is a very good writing, that exhorts one to look deep inside oneself, and know you are good enough, and you don't need anyone else to tell you how to feel about yourself. Inspiring! :)

  4. Thanks Asiman! Really what els is there in life...apart from you yourself?? All els is interpretation,reaction,feeling..everything originates frm u only....


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