September 20, 2012

From my Treasure Trove (FMTT)

I was cleaning up the attic and found a treasure trove of my scribblings at the back of my Engineering Notebooks and even MBA ones. So I've decided to quit being lazy and to type these out for my blog.:)

They are undated yet timeless. For I am what I have been and what I am. Every moment of my life has shaped me to be what I am today. And still, every new moment is moulding me in a newer way. The previous post- 'To a Special Girl' is one such scribble from my engg days. Just to keep reminding you that I'm posting from my past scribbles, I'm gonna call these 'From my Treasure Trove' (FMTT!). Some are raw, rebellious, daring and some are kind,soft, skillful. Yet others are all these and more. Do keep pouring in your comments, so I can feel happy that I've touched your deepest chords yet again....thanks to shedding my laziness....:)

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