September 20, 2012

You've come, you're Welcome

So, you've come?
To hold my hand?
To fly with me?
To break free?
To fasten my palpitations?
To re-electrify my nerves?
To pump up my adrenalin?
To spice up my life?
To banish my fears?
To wipe my tears?
To drive away
Those poisoning thoughts?
To propel my dreams
Towards reality?
To make me believe 
I am the best?

Sir, you're welcome to my world.
Small, simple, gracious;
I've been waiting so long,
For your benign presence....


  1. It's very emotive, capturing precisely the thoughts a lover who could either be filled with irrepressible hope on chancing upon what she perceives to be the right one or one of a sulking lover is admonishing her lover after he comes back. Or, it could be a homage to the one person, the entity that inspires the protagonist, a sort of a mentor, one who galvanises her, the one whom she idolises and around whom she is prepared to have her world revolving. Well written!

  2. Thanks Asiman! Nice analysis of all possible reasons! :D


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