September 20, 2012

Separation does him good,
Probably worse,
He can't decide.
He misses her more,
Falls more in love,
Feels she feels so too,
Doesn't know for sure.

He sees her in every train,
In every concert,
Crossing every lane;
Realises he's seven seas apart-
So it couldn't be her;
Still a tear trickles down.

He sees couples in love,
Kissing anywhere, enjoying in bliss;
Every cell of his body longs for her,
Every bit of his soul cries out her name.

Every moment lynches him,
Every day is a punishment.
He would have to bear it all,
Probably to meet her one day,
In Heaven....


  1. This is very touching...I can tell you it was very painful to read by the time I had reached the last line. It's a poem that I can not bear to read a second time, because it tears my heart to do's that well written! Powerful writing, keep it up!

  2. Asiman thank you so much....powerful is what you make it...from me its just my heart...


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