December 15, 2013

What I Think About STUBBLE

I hate that unclean stubble. I feel Stubble looks like a gathering of thorns overlying a smooth delicate skin like the petal of a rose. It is smelly because it becomes the settling-field for dust and pollution. Even flies and mosquitoes also get attracted there and not to forget the food-particles which also like to stick there. Stubble is the repellent of the personality of a man. It gives a rough and shoddy look rather than that of a gentleman. Small wonder, gentlemen have clean-shaven look.

In corporate etiquette and training, there is a requirement of being well-groomed and presentable. In the training of armed forces and administrators, the unshaven men are punished and sent back to immediately report with a clean-shaven face.

Where there is a stubble there is no way!

Women are soft, delicate creations of God. 68% women do not like the ruffian-look and associate it with the devils/villains. It is but natural that the women (daughters, sisters, girlfriends, wives...) protest when the men-most-important-in-their-lives (fathers, brothers, boyfriends, better-halves...) start looking like goons instead of the hero in their lives!

The P.A.S.S. comes in at the right time when all the Indian women are more conscious, progressive, ambitious, wise, socially-mobile and voice their opinions in style!

Thanks P.A.S.S. for giving us a platform to express our side of the story.


This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda

*I was tagged by Anita in her Post- PASS With Jai Siya-Ram!
I hereby tag Anita

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  1. Thanks a lot for responding to my Tag, Amrita!
    This is a serious & candid Post and I do agree with your views!
    Best wishes for the contest.
    Hope you have registered your entry on the contest page too :)
    I find that you have tagged me again! Got pending tags and reserved the last 1 for you! Wait will be longer :)

  2. Thanks so mch! ok I'll wait fr your response 2 my tag! :)

    1. Hope you have registered my response to your tag in the Contest Page... Please do if you haven't already. My 9th post acknowledges your tag.


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