December 15, 2013


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The following is a Wife/GirlFriend’s tale.
Her Husband/BF’s stubble made her pale!

I was out on work for over a fortnight.
When I was back I got a fright!
The stubbled look was new for him!
God knows why it caught his whim!

I caught him looking at me.
My approval was his fancy.
“How do you like my new look?”
Disappointed my head I shook.

“Don’t I look like a star from Hollywood?”
I said, “Men without stubble look good!”
I was aghast and couldn’t have lied!
For his stubble he argued and I cried-

"S howing me your horrible stubble?
 T ch! Tch! How yuck it looks!
 U have such a handsome face,
 B ut spoiling it by this stubbly disgrace!
 B utter-like skin replaced by prickly thorns!
 L ook how repelling your,
 E rstwhile elegant persona has become!"

H ungry hands reached out for the Razor,
A nd lips muttered a prayer,
T o use it and sport the look: clean-shaven and fair;
A nd lo and behold! He was transformed with flair!
O h! My Prince Charming was back with greatest debonair!

I told him-
I hate that unclean stubble - "STUBBLE HATAO" is my Mantra that’s WOW!
“If U wanna look smart n cool always, adopt the clean-shaven look ANYHOW!”

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*I was tagged by Anita in her Post- BOLLYWOOD STUBBLE SONGS FOR PASS
I hereby tag Anita

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  1. Two in one post. Liked the concept behind the post. I have tagged you here. Hope you will accept it. Do tag me back for sure.

    Someone is Special

    1. Thank you so mch! Hope U keep coming to my blog and reading and commenting here! :D

    2. Thanks for the tag. Hope you will accept the tag in the above comment. :)

  2. Thanks a lot Amrita for responding to my Tag :)
    This is a wow entry indeed- with such creativity :)
    Being Prince Charming is easy- just get clean-shaven :)
    All the best for the contest :)
    Hope you have registered your Post in the PASS activity page on BlogAdda too. if not, do so NOW & ANYHOW :)

  3. Thanks a lot! All d best 2 u too! Ur entries r really gud fr PASS contest! :)

  4. Amrita,
    Thanks for responding to my Tags & for your best wishes:)
    I have accepted your tag in my Post here-
    Do hope you like it :)
    Please do register it on the BlogAdda Contest Page. Best wishes :)

    1. Thanks so mch fr responding to my tag! I've tagged U twice more! Hope U respond! Thanks n all d best 2 u too! :D

  5. absolutely love the poem Amrita! It is brilliant!

  6. I think the poem is great but "stubble hatao" is more of a corporate propaganda to sell more razors...stubble looks perfectly fine, l feel like women choice of men should also be respected ;) :)

    1. Hmm..der r som Women who like d stubble too..agreed!:-P
      Yet der r more who dislike it! Hence d propaganda! :-D at d end, choice ki baat hai!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Sachin! Do com back for more likeable posts!


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