December 8, 2013

Sparking positive changes in my own ways

A spark is a small yet powerful combination of heat and light. One that can start a fire, that can ignite minds, that can kindle the imagination, that can make people sit up and take notice. Sparking a positive change in and around me is something I do each and every day- using a very simple tool- my Self. I realize more and more strongly each passing day that I am not just a collection of nerves, organs and muscles, which eats to live, performs some daily jobs for bread and butter, will live an ordinary societal life and will someday die unknown, unheard of, like millions in this world have done and keep doing.

Rather I culminate in me all the powers of Nature and I'm filled with Energy to brighten up each one's day. I flash my hundred watt confident smile for every person I meet with- from my maid, to the air hostess, to the watchman, to the invigilator in the exam hall. They smile back. Air gets electrified. It's the spark of a smile, which spreads all around! I can see their happy thought bubbles clearly, which means I've already sparked a positive change in them! Their goodness bulbs glow after they feel the warmth of my sheer presence!

When I look in the mirror, it is not to see whether I am beautiful. I rather make a resolve looking into my own eyes, to do my best for the day. That whatever I do, should be only my best, sincere and honest effort. Then only will others also feel the necessity and urge to be good, to work for others' good and to do their best as well. I've often seen that seeing my hard work, several people have been inspired to do far better- to exceed their own expectations. This brings supernatural goodness in their own lives.You see, this is a chain of Karma. We do good, and receive good results too. If we do bad, it will turn and come back to us.

Sparking a change is also about practicing sustainable living. It's about refusing the extra polythene bag from the uneducated/unaware shopkeeper and about repairing the leaking tap at home immediately. Educating the unaware shopkeeper comes with a bonus- for the other consumers get some free gyan on the environment! They must care today, else tomorrow their children/grandchildren/great grandchildren will not be able to enjoy the greenery, the beauty of Mother Earth which will be a terrible sin committed upon their own future generations, by today's wasteful lifestyles lived by people .

The spark of change is by leading by example. I ensure that I leave not a single grain of rice, anywhere I eat. People wonder seeing my clean plate, for wasting food is like a status symbol in especially the 'rich' part of our society. I belong to a 'rich' family, but real richness lies in practicing what my Mother always said, that is- "Simple living, high thinking". It is a short and sweet mantra, best suited to remain grounded, happy and healthy in today's highly showy and materialistic culture.

Of course, thus far I've talked about how I am sparking changes each day through the smallest of my deeds. Still, this account will remain incomplete without mentioning about the real change-sparker of our country, Mahatma Gandhi. He famously said- "Be the change you want to see in others." Truly, if each one does this sincerely, each one would have sparked positive changes in their own lives and of others too! So it's time to stay healthy and happy, by being our best selves, by attitude, behavior, qualities, deeds and lo and behold- we would have changed our entire world with our small acts of kindness which would have magnified manifold throughout the world!

*This post is about #SparkTheChange which I found @ Blogadda under the Stay Free & Healthy Day Contest 

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