December 15, 2013

Stubble Spells Trouble

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FuViProBa was floating in the air, carefree and without fear.
He was one amongst the billions who pollute the atmosphere.
FuViProBa was desperately looking for a home to settle down,
Then, at the traffic-signal, he found a dense black town.
FuViProBa didn’t lose a moment; he headed with speed.
His wish was fulfilled so soon, as was his greed.

Mr.X’s stubble now had a new resident,
In the black town, an additional inhabitant!
FuViProBa multiplied by thousands happily and fast,
With his kith and kin he wanted the party to last!
FuViProBa got perfect conditions for multiplication-
Sweat, Grime, Dirt, Dust and Pollution.

When Mr.X’s wife said, “I hate that unclean stubble”,
FuViProBa heard and knew he was in for trouble.
She said, “Why don’t you get rid of this stubble that’s smelly?
It’s unhygienic & I’m sure GERMS reside there happily.”
Now FuViProBa’s antennae stood up,
Seemed as if he was running out of luck.

Mr.X obeyed his wife’s wish, else she’d frown,
Mr.X got a razor to clear the dense town.
The sharp tool soon invaded his home,
FuViProBa’s clan was finished with aplomb.
FuViProBa – the FUngus, VIrus, PROtozoa, BActeria died,
Leaving a Happy & Clean Mr.X and his relieved wife!


This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda

*I was tagged by Anita in her Post here.
I hereby tag:-
A Homemaker's Utopia
Someone is Special
Please do write your PASS entries asap stating that I have tagged U all! :)

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  1. Thanks a lot for responding to my Tag, Amrita!
    This is such a creative, hilarious and imaginative entry... Loved it!
    FuViProBa- wow :)
    So glad Mr.X listened to his wife & got clean-shaven :)
    All the best for the contest.Hope you have registered your entry on the contest page too :)

  2. Hi! Yes I've registered on contest page n also given links to my stubble posts on blogadda! Yet no comments frm ppl on my blog though views have shot up lik nethin! :P newez, i've njoyed writin all 3 posts! hope u tk up my tag as well! :)

  3. Simply awesome..Loved the post.
    Tagged you here...
    Please let me know when you acknowledge and feel free to tag me if you wish.

    1. Hey thanks a lot fr readin my post n commenting! Thanks fr tagging me! Will write if I hav more ideas to PAUS! :D Meanwhile plz do keep visitin my blog n commenting here! :)

  4. hahahhaa njoyed reading this post a lot :D i was thinking in the beginning what is FuViProBa ?, till i reached the last past.
    Where do you get these ideas :D ?

    1. Hey thanks so much Rakesh! Glad dat U loved the post n it made U laugh! :D
      Creativity is an ocean of ideas...I just picked a drop & made this post! :)

  5. It indeed is a good innovative post Amrita..I seriously wonder the quality of most of the blogposts that win in that contest. Blogadda does not have a competency to contend contests.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Nice post Amrita..really liked it. And yes..I too doubt BA's ability to conduct a contest or more judge it ...

    1. Thanks a lot Maniparna! Hope to c u as more frequent visitor to my blog!


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