December 28, 2013


Image Source: Amrita Sabat's Cybershot Camera!


Beautiful pattern! Isn’t it?! Coconuts arranged on sand in an orderly form make for such a good* picture! Now you must wonder that I must have done so much hard work and burnt so many calories to carry all the heavy coconuts and then arrange them like this, before taking the snap.

Yes, it was a brainwave to take this pic in a place with an abundance of coconuts strewn all around- Kerala! And by God, it was work!:)

Except that you will understand better the quantum of work, if you get the following perspective:-

Image Source: Amrita Sabat's Cybershot Camera!

Now how about that for a googlee?! Miniature coconuts (seed-like coconuts fallen from coconut trees before they get to mature) can fool anyone- without the right perspective. If we choose to zoom in, even the miniatures look like the real ones- which they actually are not.

Lesson to be Learnt: Never jump to conclusions. Stop. Think. React. The best judgements are those which are made with the right perspective in mind.

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* This post was adjudged as WOW post! :D

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  1. Thats a nice perspective indeed.

    1. Hi Shaivi! Thanks a lot! Glad dat U read my post & liked my perspective! Do keep readin and commenting here! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hey thanks a lot for stopping by and reading and commenting on my post! :) A perspective which clicked in my mind as I was clicking the photos!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Debajyoti! If Wow is the first word dat comes to mind on reading this, then I'm on the right track! Thanks a gain & do keep visitin my blog for more perspectives! :D

  4. Very apt Moral, Amrita.
    Wish everyone the best judgements this New Year and always! People need to see things right and judge in their right frame of mind with the correct perspective! :)
    Thanks for sharing :) WOW indeed!

    1. Thanks so mch again for readin n appreciating my post! So true that often we do not think with the right perspective. Hope the New Year brings sadbuddhi to all! :D


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