January 26, 2015

Baby: A Movie Review

Attention: This review will be a spoiler for you! It gives out certain points on the movie plot, as it contains my analysis around those points. If you want to watch it directly, go ahead- it is a brilliant movie! 


 'Baby' is a fast-paced action thriller involving a newly-formed (hence called 'Baby'), highly-trained intelligence team. Most apt release close to the Republic Day of India- January 26, as it is a story of unwavering grit, sacrifice and patriotism of our security officers and agents. 

It links up wonderfully with the current affairs of India's geopolitical situation. India's strong friendship with Saudi Arabia is amply in evidence in the movie. The best Saudi Arabian police officer verifying and satisfying himself that he has rightly cracked the case all along, being able to unravel the best Indian minds' plan and letting go ultimately, was the masterpiece!

Loved the movie for these reasons:

a) Danny:

As boss of entire intelligence apparatus, he is brilliant. Loved the scene most when Mantriji asks him alone- "Are we doing enough for them?" ['Them' meaning our agents (as played by Akshay Kumar). They operate in top secret, yet if they are caught "they were never our men".] Then Danny says on these lines which give goosebumps- "There are some such crazy people who want to live to protect the nation till their last breath, that they don't even care if enough is done for them." Heart automatically salutes these bravest of the brave warriors....

b) Akshay:

Very fit, patriotic, has his head firmly in place. His character is quick in action and decision. Excellent actor as always in these challenging roles.
 I loved him slapping Guptaji (minister’s secretary) when the latter made a very commonplace yet totally insensitive statement- “Officers are meant to die. That’s their job.” Truly, it is such uncaring attitude towards our brave soldiers and officers, which we ALL Indians must relinquish.

c) Bas marna mat:

The movie portrays how his wife and kids lose out on a normal family life and simple pleasures. "Bas marna mat" ["Just do not die"] is all that his wife keeps telling him, firm as a rock inspite of sacrificing so much of a happy family life.
d) Taapsee Pannu:
She is the surprise package of the film. Absolutely rocks in the action scene in Nepal’s hotel room. The way she pins down the terror finance arranger in time, just wins the heart. More to women power!

e) Anupam Kher:

The versatile actor as the ace hacker brings in the relief and fun factor among the serious mission team including Rana Daggubati, him and Akshay Kumar. His response to funny-sounding but actually serious concept of ‘Chop Chop Square’, thanks to Akshay’s intervention, lingers in mind. Also his tendency to pee most times!

f) Hafiz Saeed character:

 Again very current. His name in movie is different, but we instinctively know it is him. Comes on the balcony to address thousands in Pakistan. As the drugged one after being caught, his power of attack each time he wakes up was aptly shown.

g) Surprise factors:

The director puts in some parts to make the plot unpredictable to the audience. For instance, 
(i) whether Ashfaq (one who helps Indian team in Saudi) is loyal, comes to mind. 
(ii) Big surprise was ‘ek ke saath ek free’ [one free with other!] offer- when Akshay and Rana find the most wanted terrorist least expectedly in their mission! Their bravery in taking him back unkilled, within limited time window, must be saluted. 
(iii) A sudden thought also came to my mind when Akshay drank the water after killing the terrorist in Saudi Arabia’s hotel room. I thought was the water poisoned by any chance?! 
(iv) Again, when later Saudi police officer finds the half-full bottle, I assumed Akshay’s DNA would be figured out and he would be traced faster. That never happened! 
(v) Also, audience is kept on the edge when police comes running into Saudi airport, telling ‘hands up’ and when, main Saudi police officer orders Air Traffic Control for a standby. Just wow! 

h) What I found amiss or improbable:

(i) I’ve never seen Queen’s Necklace, Mumbai so empty of traffic on any day. And especially when a dreaded terrorist is being ferried.
(ii) Again, Shuklaji (Anupam Kher) hacks into the hotel’s powered fence system twice. Yet the guard manning the power control room, restores it both times. I believe protocol should have been to immediately inform higher authorities. In that case, the fence would have been checked and the breach discovered early!
(iii) What if curtains were closed when Shuklaji was spying on the terrorist’s room? Then right time of entry would not be known, endangering the mission.

Yet, the movie is tremendously fast-paced, keeps all on the edge and patriotic to the core. 4/5 stars from my side for ‘Baby’! This ‘Baby’ is a must watch, mast experience! Jai Hind! Happy Republic Day to all!

**On the happy and proud occasion of our Republic Day, I would like to direct everyone’s attention to my last year’s post. I still wish to see these 26 changes panning out sooner than later, in my beloved country! Let’s all work hard to build the India of our dreams!


  1. One of those clear Must Watch movies from Bollywood which are becoming rare :)

  2. Nice review Amrita. Seems like a good watch for the weekend.

    1. For sure Gowthama! Do not miss it! Thanks for your comment! :)

  3. Such a nice review Amrita, I was planning to see this movie, but we are not getting the chance to see it this week. BTW checked your last years post as well :) Nice one.

    1. Thanks so much Alok! :D Definitely watch this patriotic movie! And thanks for seeing my last year's post too!

  4. I have heard good reviews on this one .. will watch for sure


  5. I felt it was strictly average. Loose plot, no character development, slow pace, long runtime and stretchy at places. But yeah, different from the usual stuff.

    1. Hmmm. For me it was pacy- my mind kept thinking & jumping- so I could not know how time flew! Thanks for your comment Anmol! :)

  6. I heard good reviews about this movie "Baby" and its patriotic quotient and here you also gave thumbs up.For the time being " American Sniper" was in my "to watch list" and now"Baby" just superseded it.

    1. Wow! That's gr8 Ajaya! India anytime over America! :D Definitely watch it!

  7. Itz more than a review - a very good detailed analysis. You left nothing for me to add. And the most important thing for which I can't resist myself praising you is the Spoiler Notice in the beginning. I saw it the day you published the post but didn't continue after the notice. Now, I'm writing just after watching the movie. Brilliant job, Amrita :)

    1. Thanks so much Ravish! :) This is a very flattering comment for me indeed! :D I'm honoured & humbled. Really gr8 that U had patience to wait till U watched it & then remembered 2 comment also. Simply wow! Really appreciate ur gesture! :) Thanks sooooo much!

    2. Well, it wasn't flattery but genuine :P

  8. Well written review of a good movie. I remembered "Holiday" in this context. Bollywood is learning to produce good stuff.

    1. Thanks so much Pramod! Yes Holiday was another brilliant movie that I loved! :-) more sch movies r welcome!


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