January 12, 2015

The Great Indian Chamcha

The Great Indian Chamcha is a common breed of Homo Sapiens found in Indian sub-continent. He/she has a perennial smile especially in your presence, showers garlands of flowers plus praiseworthy words on you and can be your most effective and continuous feel-good factor.

 Chamcha- the word itself can be thought to be composed of two words- 'Chum' (meaning a great pal or friend) and 'Cha' (meaning Tea- that ubiquitous beverage- in almost every language of India). Therefore Chamcha is a person who acts like your greatest friend-cum-support system, blindly upholding you through thick and thin. He/she is also one who leaves no stone unturned in your khatirdaari – or caring for your needs- asking you continuously if you need ‘Cha’ or ‘Coffee’ or what you would like to eat or where you would want to stay and so on. In other words, full devotion to fulfilling even the minutest needs of yours. 

“BUT WHY?”- you ask. To that there is just one answer- for their own rise, as you are in a position of power to bestow largesse on YOUR very own Great Indian Chamchas!

Chamchagiri, the art of becoming effective chamchas, is thus perfected slowly, doggedly by them. Till, they become The Great Indian Chamchas! And what if you do not give what they want inspite of their rise to 'Greatness' in chamchagiri?! Then beware- they may backfire by joining your enemy! So YOU also need to manage The Great Indian Chamcha well for your own survival! ;)


Knowing the following unique personal characteristics of the The Great Indian Chamcha can help immensely in this direction! All the best! May this great breed flourish!

Favorite Drink:




Favorite Exotic Dance:



Favorite Character from any movie: 


Circuit from Munnabhai series. Best ever Chum(cha)! 

Favorite Song:

"Jo tumko ho pasand vahi baat kahenge,
Tum din ko agar raat kaho, raat kahenge" 

Movie: Safar 
Year: 1970

[Translates as: "Whatever words will be liked by you, those I will say. If it is day and you say that it is night, I will also say it is night."]

Favorite Line from any movie:

"Jahanpanah, Tussi Great Ho, Tohfa Kubool Karo"

Movie: 3 Idiots
Year: 2009

[Translates as: "Your Highness, you are great. Please accept the gift."]

Favorite Exercise:


Bending to touch feet of the Master(s) or prostrating before them. Can bend or prostrate even a million times per day, any time- on stage, in airport, in railway station, near helipad, office- or any imaginable place!

Favorite Yoga Asana: 


Sashtanga Namaskaar

Favorite Activity on Twitter:


Trolling those going against the Master(s). "Follow"ing alongwith RTing and Favoriting the tweets of the Master(s).

Favorite Tagline:


"Wherever you go our network follows" 

Corollary==>  Favorite Pet:


Cheeka, the adorable pug


Favorite Tongue-Twister:


"Chandu ke chacha ne chandu ke chachi ko 
Chaandi ke chamche se chatni chataai"

[Translates as: It's a tongue-twister silly! Just try saying it really fast! :P ]

**This is my entry for the The Great Indian Blogging Contest, as a part of the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2015. To know more, visit: http://www.aklf.in, http://www.facebook.com/GreatIndianCircus & http://www.kolkatabloggers.com/.


  1. Funny & so true! Wonderfully expressed, Amrita :)
    I love all the Bollywood references!
    Smiled a lot :D :D
    Best wishes for the contest!

    1. Thanks so much Anita! Delighted that U smiled a lot! :D Keep smiling! :)

  2. Really amusing post Amrita. I loved the way you came up with favorite stuffs for great Indian Chamchas.

    1. Thanks so much Sourav! :) Must visit your post too!

  3. Lol, nice one :) It is a fact that if you want to achieve something too soon than Chamchagiri is the best quality you need to have.... Especially in India

    1. Thanks so much Alok! U've made a very right observation on chamchagiri- really is a shortcut to achieve things sooner! :P

  4. Good satire, Amrita. I have been a victim of this great Indian farce.

    1. Thanks a lot Sir! Yes very true...it's great Indian farce! :)

  5. LOL...you have explained a grave truth in a very funny way! loved the humor!

  6. hahaha... Oh.. I can see so many faces when I read this ;)

  7. Nice work Amrita.

    Here's my blog: http://theinsignificantindian.blogspot.in/

    1. Thanks so much! Will go thru your blog too! :)


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