January 4, 2015


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And then I could see him no more.

Just me in the mist, on the mountain top. Around me, as I blindly moved my hands, I could feel nothing.
Just dampness.

I was overclouded.

I feared this day.

That I would look for him.

And he would not be there.

As if the mist was not blinding enough, my eyes turned blurrier.

I cried....I wailed.....

I shouted out his name. My echo came back.
He never shouted my name. His echo never came back.

In despair, I sat down. 

The ground beneath my feet was my only solace. 
My only hope.
Amidst the fog of dense white overclouded all around me.


As I touched the ground around me, I felt his warmth. 

I was Stunned. Overjoyed. Relieved.

He pulled me with his strong arms to lie beside him. 

And I cried. In happiness.....

Beating him for playing bad games on me...for watching silently, heartlessly...while I was heartbroken, lost and searching madly for him....

And of course....expressing through tears...how I never wanted to lose him- my soulmate- ever.....

.......even as a prank....

.........on an overclouded mountain......


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  1. Very well penned. Good to see you in this blogathon.

  2. Very unique interpretation of the topic. All the very best for BAT50. :-)


  3. The way you hav penned the thought is very simple yet impacting ! Thats very difficult :)

    All d bst for BAT :)

  4. It's simple, and sort of cute too :) All the best for BAT.

    Umm, your participation count says 11, but I don't seem to remember reading you at BAT before :) were you at another blog before?

    1. Oops! Thanks so much Vinay! I thought 'Participation Count' meant which number comment is my submission on BAT blog- that was 11! I am participating for first time in BAT!

      Thanks for educating me about this...I've made the change! Thanks a lot and all the best to U too!

  5. Nicely written! Unique in its own style. Sometimes poems are the best way of expressing the words in rainbow colors. You have expressed here in simplistic way..ATB for the BAT 50....

  6. The first thing that I did was hug my soul mate after reading your poem. Yes even as prank I would never want to be away from him. Very nicely written. Loved every bit of it.

    All the best for BAT!


    1. Thanks a lot Khushboo for your very touching comment..:)

      I wish U all the very best too for BAT! :)

  7. Beautifully written! Words just flow..!

  8. Happy that it was a prank.Well crafted !

  9. well written, romantic and emotional

    My Blogaton#50 post Soulmates

  10. I liked the way the words flew. Just like our thoughts. :)
    all the best.

  11. Metaphors. :D
    Always pleasant to read them. Right now, joy is the strongest emotion in me. Thanks for sharing.

    [Not sure if blogger registered my comment from the Wordpress ID. So, putting in the same comment from my Google ID]

  12. Loved this. I envy you poets :)


  13. Amrita,

    Welcome to BAT! Sorry, could not leave a comment earlier.

    Here is your response for your question: BAT50

    Someone is Special


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