January 22, 2015

The Great Indian Litterbug

The Great Indian Litterbug is a common bug found in Indian sub-continent. He spits everywhere, urinates anywhere, litters garbage anywhere and if someone asks says “It is my free country! You mind your own business!”

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He is unapologetic of his dirt spreading in the surroundings. Worse, he teaches his children and others’ children no better than to litter and create generations of litterbugs. They are a shame to witness. Some varieties found across our vast country are as follows:

a)      The paan spitter -  OK beware of him. If you go near him and he talks, your face will be a smorgasbord of fresh red liquid. If you resemble a character out of a horror movie, then blame him and only him.
b)      The spit spitter- He need not chew paan. Just like that he will spit his saliva when he talks. Anyway it is liquid litter. Beware!
c)       The garbage tosser- She/he will come to the balcony/window and toss garbage onto the ground. As gravity gobbles the garbage, this species thinks the garbage has magically disappeared. They do not care that it is littering the neighbour’s compound or the public spaces.
d)      The Urinator- This is most common species of men. They will stand against any wall or tree or even pole and piss like dogs. They think it is their birthright to do so. This species must be terminated. Do we need Terminators to terminate Urinators? Or Swachh Bharat campaign is enough?
e)      The Open Defecators- You can find them going with a plastic bottle filled with water to the sides of highways, railway lines, fields or just any goddamn empty place. Shit happens.
f)       The Tossers- They love to toss peels, empty chips packets, bottles, used napkins and whatever waste they are generating during travel onto roads, monuments and every other place.
g)      The Monument Writers- Yes they litter our beautiful monuments with their engravings of ‘Jitu loves Mitu’, ‘Kuna loves Rima’ and all such types of nonsense. Yes these types of people spoil the beauty of our wonderful monuments . Such uncaring people only  throw garbage all over in the monument compound too.
h)      The Sick Picnickers- They leave all the trash they got in the picnic spots. Dogs and cows eat only limited leftovers. Yet they spoil all surroundings by throwing used plastic plates, cups, leftover food and make pristine beaches, hills, temple places etc . into a big garbage dump.

A poem in all above people's collective ode:

No Spitting - the sign says, but what greets?
Red marks of paan-stains are treats.
Keep Clean, Use Garbage Can – say the signs,
But garbage everywhere, across all lines! 

Litterbugs throw litter with gay abandon,
They think littering is great fun!

Do you love the term- LITTERBUG?
Or would you rather be CLEANBUG?

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  1. Nicely expressed. A true account of all the "varieties"...
    Hope we have a Swachh Bharat & good mentality & attitude soon.

    1. Thanks a lot Anita! Yes Swachh Bharat is possible only if litterbugs become cleanbugs! :-D


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