January 9, 2015

Tata Bolt: #GetSetBolt!

As I neared the BMC Bhawani Mall,
With eagerness and anticipation,

A sparkling red beauty,
Jolted me to attention!

It was the brand new, beautiful Tata Bolt,
With it I was ready to Get Set Bolt!
The anchor came towards me,
 And told me to pose on a podium,

I gleefully did so-
Blissfully unaware,

 That I was being clicked with-
None other than NK- Narain Karthikeyan!

Then I was shown the Tab and my photo in it-
The anchor asked me how did NK appear by magic?!

I said maybe there were special effects within the tab,
But actually it was the innovative #GetSetBolt NK App!

Then I went on a crazy photo spree,
Irresistible was the Tata Bolt- my red beauty!

Its features swept me off my feet,
Let me list the five best as per me!

First: its unique ability to allow me a drive in one among multi-modes-
Be it Eco (fuel efficiency), Sport (burst of power) or City (for both)!

Second: its state-of-the art features for generation-next safety-
Dual airbags, latest ABS and while turning corners, control over stability!

Third: Touchscreen infotainment for non-stop entertainment and connection,
Smartphone navigation and advanced voice command recognition!

 Fourth: I can really bolt to glory by exceptional, powerful driving,
Thanks to Revotron 1.2- its turbocharged MPFi Petrol Engine!

Fifth: Comfort, luxurious seats and loads of space within,
Can make Bolt's every passenger feel like a King or Queen!

Mind-blowing, awe-inspiring are its features galore,
Yes! With Tata Bolt, I wished time never ended to explore!

From many angles I took the glittering Bolt’s snaps,
Be it front, sides, its insides or back!

The Tata Bolt had visitors to the mall bolting towards it,
And why not- it presented a sight so attractive, so magnetic!

I saw more crowds gather near this shining hatchback,
All wanted to now click pictures with this red star!

There were racing games for all who wanted to play,
The racing car was Tata Bolt all the way!

NK App also captured everyone’s imagination and interest,
Indeed to make ‘The Bolt Statement’ NK suits best!

This was an experience I will always cherish and remember,
Blogging in rhyme about it gives me immense pleasure further!

I have now understood what is “Love at First Sight”!
Thanks to splendid Tata Bolt, which for me is absolutely right!

Sending out my heartfelt wish to the Universe to make it mine,
 Hope the Universe conspires and gives Tata Bolt to me within a short time! :)

**This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda.


  1. The NK App sounds great!! and love your poetic review..all the best :-)

  2. I like your poetic review and glad to know a fellow blogger from same place..... :)

    1. Thanks so much Arpita! Glad 2 know U too! Proud Bhubaneswarites! :)


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